Faziel.!! Gosh.,You’re 22 Years Old!

It's nostalgic to think back I've been living in this world for like 22 years already.
Anyway, I will keep all those things to myself.
Btw, apparently Facebook are so prominent right now that they have actually become the medium for birthday wishes and my birthday wish from sms is like decreasing so abruptly.
I've chosen the ten most awesome birthday wishes in conjunction of my twenty two years old birthday!


h a i z am said...

x to forget, a wish through blog too:
Slmt Mgenang Ulg Tahun Kelahiran. :)

Mohd Faziel said...

Huhu Thank ...(^_^) u lambat,,haha

OrangBiasa said...

weyh..smpai ati x masukkn my wish..

Mohd Faziel said...

yer ker xder wish ko...aku letak semua kot...ermm..ko ade wish aku kat fb x? hehe