MATTA Fair 2012 March (PWTC)

Exhibition : MATTA Fair 2012
Tarikh : 16-18 Mac 2012
Tempat : Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), Kuala Lumpur
Masa : 10pagi till 9malam.

Matta Fair Travel Fair is back again this year in Sept 2012 offering great travel offers and holiday destination tours. So, sesiapa our client tak dapat datang Matta Fair last month, come & visit our booth on Sept (Next Matta Fair in PWTC).

The Matta Fair have won the title as the No1 Travel Fair in Malaysia and it’s name is placed in the Malaysia Book of Records. Do u know that.?? Hahaha.  Matta Fair 2012 will be held in the same place as the previous years in Kuala Lumpur Putra World Trade Centre or simply known as the PWTC.

This year on March the Matta Fair is themed with “Get The Best, In Travel” and is open from 10am till 9pm and this year the Matta Fair will feature a staggering 900 plus booths. I was working there representing Holiday Tours & Travel Sdn Bhd for 3 days during Matta.  Actually every Matta Fair I was participant to sell our packages. ..Penat lol..(^_^) but I like Matta Fair bcoz we will get extra income during this 3 days participant..hehehehe..elaun elaun elaun..that why lol..hahaha.

Those who missed the March KL MATTA Fair can look forward to another one, also in PWTC, on Sept 7 to 9.


mizzarn said...

Love MATTA FAIR..hihiih betui2 (elaun..elaun..elaun)
n bole jumpa ramai org n macam2 ragam...

Mohd Faziel said...

yes..betol tue kak Miza..macam2x ragam org kiter tgk... even penat tapi best kannn..... lepas matta berkobar2x nk tunggu elaun..hahahahhaa